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The mission of the Ingham Health Plan Corporation is to act as a vehicle to provide access to organized systems of health care and improve the status of uninsured persons.

Ingham Health Plan

Ingham Health Plan gives hardworking uninsured individuals and families health coverage. IHP provides access to critical primary and specialty care for little cost.

Washtenaw Health Plan

Michigan County Health Plans are serving as a vehicle to provide access to organized systems of health care for the indigent uninsured and lower income persons without private or public health insurance.


CareHub serves as a vehicle to connect adults, children, families, and pregnant women with resources in their communities, making sure their biological, psychological, and social needs are met. While ensuring quality and accountability across providers of care coordination services CareHub conducts outreach, accepts referrals, determines client eligibility, and enrolls and assigns clients so that they are provided with effective, coordinated medical and social services.

IHP Dental

IHP's Delta Dental plan will partially cover the costs of crowns, root canals, bridges and dentures. Members are responsible for reasonable copays on those services. Copays vary per service.

Care Management Services

Nurses are available to answer general health related questions, and to advise members about health plan benefits and local resources for needed health services, medications and supplies that are not covered by the health plan. A nurse is also available to help members manage chronic health conditions and access care.

Plan Management Services

A third party administrator providing full service medical and dental claims management, medical care management, and community care services. A high level of flexibility and industry expertise allows us to support a diverse client base including Medicaid, Medicare, commercial, and employer sponsored plan designs.

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Join us in our mission to increase access to healthcare services. We are hiring for positions in our Lansing office. We offer competitive salary and benefits.

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County Health Plan members range from people who are out of work or have part-time jobs to low-wage earners and recently laid-off workers who have lost their health insurance.

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