Ingham Health Plan

The Ingham Health Plan gives hardworking individuals and families another option. It gives them access to critical primary and specialty care for little cost.

The Ingham Health Plan offers the following services.

Medical Benefit

Visits to a primary care or specialist. Preventive care such as yearly exams, colonoscopy, mammograms, and flu shots. Outpatient X‐rays, labs, diagnostic tests and procedures. Urgent care services.

Become a Member

Ingham county residents who make less than $28,000 per year and do not qualify for public or private health coverage may be eligible for IHP.

Dental Benefit

Preventive care such as cleanings, x‐rays, and routine fillings. Crowns, root canals, and dentures are covered with a copy.

Pharmacy Benefit

Medications and diabetic supplies on the IHP formulary.

Washtenaw Health Plan

The Washtenaw Health plan is a health coverage program for low‐income Washtenaw County residents who don't have access to affordable health insurance. WHP helps people get the health care services they need.

Washtenaw Health Plan offers the following services.

Medical Benefit

Visits to a primary care or specialist. Preventive care such as yearly exams, colonoscopy, mammograms, and flu shots. Hospital X‐rays, labs, diagnostic tests, and surgeries. Emergency room and Urgent care services.

Become a Member

Washtenaw residents who meet income requirements, do not qualify for public or private health coverage, and have a referral may qualify.

Pharmacy Benefit

Medications and diabetic supplies on the WHP formulary.


CareHub serves as a vehicle to connect adults and children to health and social service resources and programs to help better their lives and improve health.

CareHub offers the following services.

Pathways to Better Health

Pathways to Better Health connects adults with chronic conditions to needed medical services (primary care, dental, mental health, other specialists) and social service supports (clothing, transportation, food, housing etc) to manage and improve health.

Managing Asthma Through Case Management in Homes

MATCH provides intensive home based case management for children 0-17 years old and adults with uncontrolled asthma. Focus is on asthma education to address triggers and connect to resources to reduce ED and hospitalizations due to asthma.

IHP Dental

IHP’s Delta Dental plan will partially cover the costs of crowns, root canals, bridges and dentures. Members are responsible for reasonable copays on those services. Copays vary per service.

IHP Dental offers the following services.

Preventive Exams

Oral exams (including evaluations by a specialist) are payable twice per calendar year.


Composite resin (white) restorations are Covered Services on posterior teeth.


Bitewing X-rays are payable once per calendar year and full mouth X-rays (which include bitewing X-rays) are payable once in any five-year period.

Care Management Services

Nurses are available to answer general health related questions, and to advise members about health plan benefits and local resources for needed health services, medications and supplies that are not covered by the health plan. A nurse is also available to help members manage chronic health conditions and access care. Click below for more information.

Care Management Services offers the following services.

Emergency Department Case Management

The IHP Nurse Case Manager teaches members and providers about services covered by the health plan. Members may be redirected to their PCP for healthcare. This helps to reduce nonemergency use of ED services by members. Care provided to members by local hospitals is monitored. The nurse contacts members for follow up as needed. This program has many benefits for members such as referrals to community resources, creating a plan of care between the PCP and the ED, and helping get appointments with a PCP or a specialist.

Managing Chronic Conditions

The IHP Nurse Case Manager identifies members with health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and heart and lung disease. One-on-one contact with a nurse is available to members. Members, who want assistance in managing their health, or their providers, may contact the IHP nurse.

Contact Customer Service (toll free) at
1-866-291-8691 to speak with a nurse.

Plan Management Services

A third party administrator providing full service medical and dental claims management, medical care management, and community care services. A high level of flexibility and industry expertise allows us to support a diverse client base including Medicaid, Medicare, commercial, and employer sponsored plan designs.

Administrative Services

Plan Management Services is a full service administrator that can support your plan with claims processing, customer service, members services, enrollment, and report management.

Medical Services

IHPC can provide care management and coordination to help your members manage medical conditions more effectively. Access to Nurse Care Managers promotes improved health status and outcomes and reduced need for more costly medical services.

Follow IHPC:

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