Managing Asthma Through Case Management In Homes (MATCH)

IS YOUR (or your CHILD'S) ASTHMA OUT OF CONTROL? Are you an athlete struggling with performance due to asthma? We can help!

Does asthma make you or your child:
•  Use a rescue inhaler more than two times per week
•  Miss school or work?
•  Sometimes need to go to the ER or hospital?
•  Have trouble playing, exercising or being active?

Eligibility: Children (0-17 years old) and Adults with uncontrolled asthma, regardless of insurance status.

Area Served: Reside in Ingham, Eaton or Clinton County

Who visits: Certified Asthma Educator (Nurse)

How does it work?

    An Asthma Coach will assist you (and/or your child) in learning self-management skills including:
  • proper inhaler techniques
  • how to deal with environmental triggers
  • how to keep asthma under control

MATCH Flyer can be downloaded as a pdf: MATCH Flyer

MATCH Flyer for ATHLETES can be downloaded as a pdf: MATCH Flyer for ATHLETES

To get started, complete the intake form:

Get help today: 1-866-291-8691 or complete online Intake Form