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CareHub can help bridge gaps in care by connecting adults and children to needed health and social service resources that improve health.

CareHub accepts referrals from healthcare providers, emergency departments (ED), social service agencies, community agencies, and community members. Once eligibility is determined, clients are enrolled and assigned to the appropriate program.

CareHub can help you and your loved ones get connected to a variety of programs that provide support, guidance and assistance with navigating resources to improve your health and the health of other family members.

Pathways to Better Health

Pathways to Better Health connects adults with chronic conditions to needed medical services (primary care, dental, mental health, other specialists) and social service supports (clothing, transportation, food, housing etc) to manage and improve health.

Little Lungs Asthma Training

Free Online Asthma Training for anyone caring for a child with asthma. You'll get a better understanding of asthma, asthma triggers, asthma action plans, administering quick relief medications and asthma management. Plus you'll get tools and resources to create an asthma-friendly environment.

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