Immunization is the protection a person, or a group of people get, from disease by getting a vaccine. A vaccine is what is given to a person so that immunity to the disease develops. Vaccines contain the same germs that cause disease. But they have been killed or weakened or have only part of the germ in them. When you get a vaccine your immune system reacts like it would if it got the disease. Your body then builds up the ability to fight off the disease. You don’t get the disease when you get a vaccine. You produce antibodies that fight the disease if you are exposed to it.

There are many vaccines available now. Children are required to get vaccines in order to go to school. Some people have to have vaccines for their jobs. If everybody that can gets vaccines the whole community works together to fight disease. Serious diseases, like polio, have been eliminated in the United States because of vaccines.

Ingham Health Plan now covers the basic vaccines that people need in order to stay healthy. These are the vaccines recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Special vaccines that you will only need for traveling out of the United States are not covered.

Pretty much all of the information you need to know about immunization and vaccines can be found at:


  • To protect yourself from serious disease like influenza and pertussis
  • To avoid the complications of serious diseases
  • To protect your loved ones from serious diseases you may pass on
  • To protect others that can’t get vaccines
  • To stay away from the hassle of getting sick from preventable illness
  • The chances of vaccine side effects is small and the benefits are great
  • Ingham Health Plan now covers vaccines that you need to stay healthy


Adult Immunization Schedule
Children 7 - 18 Years Old Immunization Schedule
Children Birth - 6 Years Old Immunization Schedule

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