May 2023- Welcome Michelle Beebe, Justine Bell, Rebecca Douglas and Matt June to IHPC Board of Directors

February 2023- NEW Plan Benefit Documents have been updated for Jan 2023

February 2023- NEW Medication Quicklist- Updates to IHP Formulary


December 2022- Latest Member Newsletter

November 2022-IHP adds new medications to formulary. Check out the Medication Quick List

October 2022- Latest Member Newsletter

October 2022- Latest Provider Newsletter

October 2022- Latest Community Stakeholders Newsletter

August 2022- Latest Member Newsletter

July 2022- Latest Community Partner Newsletter

July 2022- Latest July 2022- Latest Provider Newsletter

July 2022- Latest Member Newsletter

May 2022-IHP adds new medications to formulary. Check out the Medication Quick List

May 2022- Check out Member Portal Registration Video and Member Portal Demo Video

May 2022- Latest Member Newsletter

Feb 2022- Check out IHPC's 2021 Community Impact Annual Review

Feb 2022- Latest Member Newsletter

Feb 2022- Updated Analgesics & CNS meds on IHP Medication Quicklist

Feb 2022- IHP 2022 Income Eligibility Guidelines for IHP

Jan 2022- Latest Member Newsletter

Jan 2022- View updated Tutorial videos for accessing IHP Health Portal for Providers

Dec 2021- Latest editions of newsletters have been released. Visit Resources for Member, Provider and Partner to read current issue as well as archived issues.

Nov 2021-IHP adds new medication to formulary. Check out the Medication Quick List

Oct 2021- Check out updated Frequently Asked Questions for Members & Providers

Oct 2021- IHP has updated the Urgent Care List and Dental Q & A

Aug 2021- IHP members now have access to enhanced services including coverage of sleep studies, CPAP machines, and CPAP supplies. Learn More

July 2021- NEW Behavioral Health Benefit implemented. Member: Learn More Provider: Learn More

June 2021- IHP announces NEW Behavioral Health Benefit. If you are a Member: Learn More If you are a Provider: Learn More

May 2021- IHP has updated the Medication Quick List

April 2021- NEW Updates to the IHP Participating Urgent Cares (English & Spanish)

April 2021- Added Member Guidebook in Spanish

March 2021- Just released 2020 Community Report

Feb 2021- Updated Member Guidebook in English

Jan 2021- IHP Income Eligibility up to 250% Federal Poverty Level

Oct 2020- Check out the Pharmacy Resources & Medication Discount Programs

Sept 2020- Do you have Member Information Changes? Providers can submit on behalf of member or members can submit directly. Find the forms under Resources

July 2020- Ingham Health Plan New Member Guide Revised in English and in Spanish

June 2020- Ingham Health Plan updated Participating Provider List

June 2020- Ingham Health Plan Corp statement regarding our role improving health equity

May 2020 - Ingham Health Plan services expanded to cover COVID treatment.

May 2020 - Ingham Health Plan On-Line Application available in Spanish

March 2020 - Ingham Health Plan Corp releases 2019 Community Report

Jan 2020- Learn some Facts About IHP.

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