Diabetes supplies (test strips, lancets and syringes) are part of your pharmacy benefit. Take your prescription for these supplies to your participating pharmacy. Call us at 1-866-291-8691 if you have questions or need help. A nurse is available to work with you or your doctor if you need medicines or medical supplies not covered by your plan.

METERS: A Contour Next One meter is available from the manufacturer at no cost to a Health Plan member with diabetes. To receive this meter, call toll free at 1-800-348-8100 and notify the service representative that you are calling for the first time to get a Contour Next One meter. The member's Health Plan ID number is required. The meter will ship to your home, at no cost to you, within a few days.

Linking Ascensia Diabetes Monitor with Smart Phone

TEST STRIPS: 50 Contour Next One blood glucose test strips are covered per month. This is a brand and the co-pay amount is $10. If you are testing your blood sugar more often, your provider or pharmacist can request that you receive 100 strips per month.

Customer Service (toll free) 1-800-348-8100